Where it all began
Lover’s Delight was created in a small country town in the South Burnett Region of Queensland by it's Founder Marissa Lake and what started out servicing the local community has grown very quickly throughout the Nation.

Marissa had previously been a successful Undercoverwear Manager with over 20 years experience in the direct selling industry. In 2012  after finding herself single and in need of some new sex toys,  went shopping but  didn't feel comfortable in the stores and looking online at 1000's of toys written with descriptions did nothing to satisfy her taste and need.

Initially she did enquire about joining some other Companies but the cost of the kit and the lack of training and support made starting Lover's Delight from scratch an easy decision and what a whirl wind of fun and adventures it's been.

I absolutely love what I do. It's so suprising in the 21st century that sex is still such a forbidden and uncomfortable subject for people to speak about... until I arrive. It's so sad, that something so enjoyable and so good for you, can be frowned upon and still be so misunderstood in today's society, but that's what I am here to change. I empower women to have fulfilling and satisfying sex and  I will change the world one sex life at a time. For me, sex is apart of my daily life if I'm not speaking about it, I'm writing about it and hopefully having it... heck I even carry vibrators in my bag on planes.

Marissa puts the rapid popularity of Lover's Delight down to four things.

1. Being a mum and nana she wanted to create  an opportunity for women to work around their busy life schedules whilst still earning a generous commission and that she did. Lover's Delight offers Consultants one of the best Commission Structures in the Industy so they earn more for the same time. There's no minimum parties to hold and no training nights to attend as all training is online and in training manuals making it easy for mums with bubs and busy housewives to handle.

2. She is always only a phone call away for any Consultant or Customer and says that'll never change.

3. Our product range is up to date on the latest trends, we have a  vast selection,  we only stock quality products and sell them at an affordable price.   
4. We don't charge a delivery fee on any order. This was the first decision I made when starting Lover's Delight as it was one of the things I disliked the most about purchasing at party plan parties.

The Lover's Delight story continues and I am excited about the future x