Hi I'm Marissa , known by my friends and clients as Sex Talk with Miss M - sex, relationship and intimacy coach.
I am a Sex Geek.. Completely and utterly! I live it and breathe it everyday and have for most of my adult life. I find every aspect fascinating the lust, love, intimacy and sex. For me sex is apart of my daily life, if I'm not writing about it, I'm speaking about it, hopefully having it or reviewing the latest sex toys on offer, heck, I even carry vibrators in my bag!
I've loved, lost, divorced,  had no self worth, questioned who I was, given myself to others in ways I shouldn't have, been a birthday present for husbands, committed adultery, become a widow, online dated and been in the swingers seen..... so....I guess you could say I've had a lot of fun,  experienced many things, learnt valuable lessons and have a few tricks up my sleeve too! 
Does this make me an sexpert? Wisdom is born through experience and that, I have a lot of!
We all fear rejection, have trust issues, lack self love, hurt others or been hurt, have scares from past relationships, are not 100% happy with our intimacy and sex life, we build walls and fear becoming vulnerable and truly give ourselves to our partners. 

Did I sit as a little girl and think, YES my life ambition is to be doing sex for a living.. Absolutely not, but in saying that,  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

But I didn't get here overnight, my sexual confidence and knowing what I want and not settling for anything less and how to please others came from years of practice, good, bad and ugly!
Sex Talk with Miss M is about changing the world one sex life at a time by presenting her explosive show Let's Talk about SEX. Her mission is to get people talking about SEX by empowering men & women to embrace their sexuality and sensuality. She's the Founder & CEO of Lover's Delight and resident Sex Guru and Go to Girl for all things SEX.

Miss M is a sex, relationship and intimacy coach and with a world of real life experiences under her belt, knows all to well the issues everyday people face. Life today is so stressful, relationships are falling apart, sexless marriages are on the rise (arghhh) and there's no laughter or fun amongst the world. 

Sure, there's things in our daily lives that are serious, but our sex life and relationship aren't one of them. Lighten up people!!!

Your time on this earth is not granted and tomorrow is not a given so get off your ass now. When was the last time you seriously laughed, like a little pee in your pants laugh or snort so loud people turn and look at you? 

Sex Talk with Miss M's Let's Talk about SEX show is uncut story of her sexual experiences and adventures, good, bad and damn right ugly in a hilariously funny show. It's a hot and raunchy story of a girl who went from 18 year old bride and mother to a woman committing adultery, joining the swinging scene, divorce, becoming sexual birthday presents in 3somes, sexting, sex video's, becoming a widow, failed relationships and more.. You'll learn, laugh and have the time of your life.

There's no nudity or showings of genitals but by gosh there's a lot of X rated chat and laughing.

Miss M is a Sex Geek.. Completely and utterly! She lives it and breathes it every day and has for most of her adult life. She finds every aspect fascinating the lust, love, intimacy and sex and must admit is an avid lover of the penis and daily masturbation. For her sex and orgasm's are a part of daily life, if she's not writing about it, she's speaking about it, hopefully having it or reviewing the latest sex toys on offer, heck, she even carry vibrators in her bag!.

When you attend one of her shows, not only will you get that pee your pants laughter that's been missing, but you'll also be inspired and empowered to chase your own dreams in and out of the bedroom PLUS ignite that inner GOD or GODDESS hidden inside you. YEOW!!
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